Is the Puffco Peak The Future Of Dab Rigs (We Think So)?

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The legal cannabis industry has many great manufacturers vying for the title of best vaporizer. Despite the allure of other forms of cannabis consumption, the industry has been focused primarily on the development of vaping technology, because vapes are seen as modern, and because they arguably offer a safer and healthier way to consume than smoking does.

Puffco, one of the premier leaders of vaporizer industry, saw a need in the industry to develop a product that could revolutionize the glass and vape industries in one fell swoop. Their newest item, the Puffco Peak, is an advanced device that allows you to enjoy the perfect dab every single time. The Peak aims to combine the best of both the vaping and glass products to create a new experience that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.

Puffco Pen Vapes For Concentrates

Prior to the Peak, Puffco was focused primarily on crafting elegant portable concentrate vapes that appealed to customer's who sought quality and great design. From the Puffco Pro 2 to the Puffco Plus, each vaporizer that Puffco crafted was built to provide a pen-style experience that was well designed and hard-hitting.

A few of the devices that Puffco crafted over the years have garnered a fair bit of attention, mostly from customers that want a very specific style of vaporizer and have a decent amount of money to drop.

Puffco Pro 2 Herbal VapeBut Puffco was not content to rest on its laurels, and they remained steadfast in their desire to craft unique, high-end devices that allowed users to enjoy everything concentrates have to offer. The Puffco Pro 2 received a lot of attention from the legal cannabis industry, and device  showed potential for the future the company. The proprietary ceramic rod atomizer that was included in the package was a step forward in dabbing technology. 

The Puffco Plus was very similar to the rest of Puffco's lineup of devices, and it Puffco+ Herbal Vapeoffered an upgraded atomizer that compounded on the advancements put in place by the Pro 2 herbal vape. The inclusion of the "dart" tool within the atomizer completely enhanced the overall dabbing experience. A combination of upgraded airflow control, an easy to use dabber, and increased effectiveness pushed the Puffco Plus over the edge and made it one of the most well received devices in Puffco's lineup.

The Peak, Puffco's Newest Offering

Each of the previous devices from Puffco were stepping stones that built up to the technological advancements found in the Peak electronic smart rig. The newest addition to the Puffco family is a combination of the positive aspects of both without the downfalls, almost like a Frankenstein's monster version of an electronic nail.

Puffco Peak Smart Dab RigThe Puffco Peak  is the answer to a lot of the major problems that smokers have with both dab rigs and vaporizers. One of the most commonly accepted positive attributes of vapes is that you can use them just about anywhere, something that traditional dab rigs are severely lacking. Nobody wants to be bothered to carry around all the gear you need to utilize a rig. Vapes make dapping portable, but where they fall short is their effectiveness.

Wax and dry herb vapes may be extremely portable, but they fall short when it comes to functionality. There are a few vapes out there that allow users to experience a wide breadth of what legal cannabis has to offer, but the majority of devices cannot replicate how well glass water pipes, and other glass pieces hit.

Puffco Peak Ceramic NailPuffco's Peak offers an answer to smokers that want to get that great hit out of an electronic device that is portable. The device sports a long battery life and small size, allowing it to be easily transported and used for extended periods of time. Not only does the Peak offer portability and longevity, it also sports an intuitive ceramic nail that provides the optimal dabbing surface. The Peak's ceramic heating element is the culmination of Puffco's efforts with the rest of the company's lineup of devices. Each device and atomizer leading up the Peak served as a stepping-stone to this ceramic nail.

Final Thoughts

Puffco has provided an outlet for smokers to experience the best of both the dabbing and vaping worlds through the Peak electronic smart rig. The sheer simplicity of this device's functionality and how well it replicates the dabbing experience off a rig at the ideal temperature to get the full flavor out of every hit. The legal cannabis industry has definitely not been lacking in innovation, especially recently, but the Puffco Peak goes above and beyond, and it could very well bring about a revolution in the way the concentrate vaping industry develops.

The Peak is the culmination of all of the hard work that Puffco has put into the development of innovative and unique vaporizers over the past few years. Every technological advancement in each device built up to the creation of this one of a kind herbal vape. It will be intriguing to see the way the legal cannabis industry develops from here on out. Innovative manufacturers are bringing new and creative ideas to the table every day. Puffco found its saving grace in the Peak, and the next revolutionary idea could be around the corner.

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