New Year, New Bong: The Best Bong Brands For 2019

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The New Year is right around the corner, and that means a seemingly never-ending flow of resolutions that never actually get completed by people that don't really want to change. But, there is one resolution you can make sure to follow: Gear up with a fantastic glass bong or dab rig that will make your new year spectacular.

Holidays are always stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for legal cannabis smokers. There are so many different types of bongs and hand pipes out there, and it is not always easy to pick the ugly ducklings out of a lineup. SmokeSmith Gear is here to help guide you to finding the best glass pieces to start you or your loved ones out in 2019.

Empire Glassworks

Finding a great bong to start off the New Year is not always about finding the perfect piece that jumps off the page at you. Most of the time, it is about finding a trusted brand that gives you confidence in their pieces. Not all glass manufacturers are the same, and there are those out there that will pull the wool over your eyes to sell you a product in shambles. SmokeSmith Gear is here to help you navigate the playing field and find the glass company that is a great match for your smoking arsenal.

Empire Glassworks Presidential PipeEmpire Glassworks is one of those glass manufacturers that doesn't hide their end-game. This California-based glass company is all about working to craft the most unique and attention-grabbing heady glass pipes that the industry has ever seen, and they are doing a pretty good job so far. No matter what you are interested in, Empire Glassworks has a piece that will cover that niche. Hell, they even have a Presidential Hand Pipe for those that are a little more political leaning (it is not just about the fandoms with this heady glass manufacturer).

Empire Glassworks Under the Sea BongWhether you are a nature buff or you are into the fantasy realm, Empire GlassworksHootie and Friends Bong by Empire Glassworks has you covered. For those smokers that like to think of themselves as one with the ocean, the Under the Sea Mini Bong would be right up your alley. If you are into nature, but you are looking for something a little less aqua-centric, check out the Hootie and Friends Tree Bong.

Empire Glassworks Twisted Dragon BongThere is nothing wrong with admitting that nature isn't your calling, and Empire Glassworks understands that; this manufacturer is all about covering their bases. If you are looking for something that has a bit of nostalgia or relates to your favorite game, check out Empire Glassworks' Mushroom Patch Banger Hanger Bong. It might not be able to legally use your favorite video game plumber's name for copyright reasons (thank you Nintendo), but rest assured that it is sure to bring back some good memories of jumping on koopas and rescuing Princess Peach. For those that are more into fantasy lore, the Twisted Dragon Bong might be your ideal match. No matter your chosen niche is, Empire Glassworks has a piece that will fit perfectly in your smoking arsenal.

Ronin Glass

Inspired by ancient samurai, Ronin Glass is the connecting tissue in this day and age between the heady and scientific glass communities. The company works off of a single tenet: provide legal cannabis consumers with the same freedom of choice and feeling of dignified superiority that the ancient warriors from which the company derives its name experienced.

Ronin Glass Straight Tube BongRonin Glass is known for crafting pieces that not only look great, but they also sport the same fantastic functionality that scientific glass is sought after. They act as the proverbial middle ground between the two prominent styles of glass pieces. However, they do not fall under the philosophy that the jack-of-all-trades equals the master of none. Each piece that comes out of Ronin Glass is built to be just as effective and satisfying as even the best of the best.

When trying to find the best Ronin Glass bong for you, there are a few questions toRonin Glass Layered Recycler Bong address. For example, do you want something that is more simple and straightforward? If that describes your smoking style, Ronin's Straight Tube Bong might be right up your alley. Or are you the kind of smoker that wants a little more complexity in their life? If you said "yes" there, then give the Layered Recycler Matrix Bong a shot.

Double Disk Perc Bong by Ronin GlassNot everyone falls into just two categories, but don’t fret. Ronin Glass still has you covered. The Puck Dab Rig w/ Showerhead Perc would be a great fit for just about any smoker out there, especially if concentrates are your preferred form of legal cannabis. Or you could try out the Double Disk Perc Bong. Ronin Glass has a bong that will fit just about any smoking arsenal, so explore this company and see if there is a piece that will help you usher in the New Year in style.

Nucleus Glass 

Speaking of style, there are few other glass brands out there that can quite match the suave style that Nucleus Glass infuses with just about every piece. This New Jersey-based company is one of the premiere scientific glass manufacturers on the market. They steer clear of trying to capture the imagination of smokers and instead work to ensure that every bong hits effectively and doesn't have any unnecessary frills and extras.

Nucleus Glass has been a staple in the legal cannabis industry for years, and they just keep gaining momentum. Where other companies that started out prior to legalization fell off because of steep competition recently, Nucleus has leaned into it and works to be continuously at the top of its game. The team at Nucleus knows that the only way to maintain prominence in the community is by crafting sturdy, clean water bongs that hit well without fail. Because, if you can't get a good hit off of your bong, are you really going to buy from that same company again down the road?

Tree Perc Bong by Nucleus GlassThough Nucleus Glass does not produce heady glass pieces, they do a great job of adding a little bit of flair in each piece. Take the Tree Perc Bong w/ Ashcatcher Bowl for example. This piece might not have all the complex percolation systems that some others have, but it hits like a champ and doesn't look half bad in the process. It comes in a variety of colors, and the ashcatcher bowl that comes with it helps ensure every hit is just as great as the first.

If you are a legal cannabis smoker that is looking for a little more complexity in theirVenturi Chamber Bong by Nucleus Glass bongs, Nucleus has a wide array of options available for you. The 8" Venturi Chamber Bong does a great job of adding some complexity to your hit without adding unnecessary percolation. The large top chamber helps to cool down the smoke as you ll, allowing each hit to be as smooth as butter. For those smokers that want something Glycerin Coil Bong by Nucleus Glasseven more complex, the Nucleus Glycerin Coil Bong would work wonders for you. Much like the chamber on the Venturi, the glycerin coil percolation system in place in this piece will help to cool down and filter the smoke with every pull. If you are a fan of smooth, cool hits, this bong will be perfect for you.

A Bong for Every Occasion

The New Year is here, and there is no better time to get your smoking arsenal where you want it. Whether you are looking for a new piece to replace one that got broken, or you are just looking for a fresh change of pace, SmokeSmith Gear has something that would work great for you. There are many glass manufacturers out there, and it can be hard to sift through the bad ones to find the good. That is why we are here to help guide you through and ensure that you will have a satisfying smoking experience with every toke.

There are few glass companies that are quite as consistent as Nucleus Glass, Empire Glassworks, or Ronin Glass. These three power players have teams of glass blowers that know what the community wants and needs because they are part of the same community. These aren't jaded companies just looking to pull that extra buck; these companies are just as invested in crafting a brighter future for the legal cannabis industry as you are. Don't get the wool pulled over your eyes. Give these companies a shot, and the New Year is sure to treat you right.

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