New Research Into Why Ceramic Vaporizers Chambers Are King

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As the legal cannabis industry grows, so does the technology supporting it. Vaporizers have become the primary focus in the market, allowing users quick and easy access to the legal dry herb they love wherever they are. A wide variety of devices have come out to satisfy the growing demand of the community.

Vaporizers work off one key factor: the heating element. One of the most controversial topics when it comes to vapes is which material works better for a heating element. Does quartz work for you, or are you partial to ceramic?

The ceramic versus quartz debate has been raging since the dawn of herbal vapes. Recently, quartz has been garnering more favor in the community for its stellar flavor and vapor production. But new research is coming out that could prove that ceramic is king.

Jupiter Research, a new manufacturer and research organization, has recently come out with information about their ceramic heating element, the CCELL, boasting that it provides a superior vaping experience than the competition. Jupiter is not just trying to promote its own product, though. According to Jupiter Research VP of Engineering David Schuler, the company is forming a platform that can be built on by other manufacturers.

Ceramic dominating the industry may not be too strange of a concept after all. In order to get better acquainted with some of the prominent ceramic legal dry herb vapes, here are a few that stand out among the rest.

DaVInci Ascent

Price: $200.00

The DaVinci Ascent herbal vape is one of the sleekest portable vapes available. Not only is the futuristic, sleek design a major plus for this device, but it is also simple to operate and offers extended battery life.

DaVinci Ascent Ceramic Vape

The Ascent's primary drawing point is its glass-lined ceramic heating chamber that brings out fantastic flavor from both legal dry herb and concentrates. Unlike its quartz counterparts, the Ascent by DaVinci boasts a heating element that holds temperature for an extended period of time, allowing for superior vaping sessions.

All-around, the Ascent is one of the premier dry herb and concentrate vaporizers available on the market. The simple and sleek design, hefty battery life, and ceramic heating chamber make this the obvious choice for anyone that wants a reliable and efficient device.

DaVinci IQ

Price: $275.00

DaVinci makes this list yet again with its IQ portable herbal vape. The IQ is one of the nicest devices out there, even compared to goliaths in the industry like the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2.

DaVinci IQ Ceramic VaporizerThe IQ herbal vape is simple to pick up and use right out of the box, boasts a stylish design, and the ceramic heating element provides excellent flavor, especially compared to other devices at the same price point.

DaVInci's IQ herbal vaporizer gives you more satisfaction out of your vaping experience. Whether you are using legal dry herb or concentrates, the IQ will turn an average vape into something spectacular.

AirVape XS

Price: $180.00

The AirVape XS might not quite look much like a standard herbal vaporizer, but it definitely holds its own compared to the competition. Though primarily meant for vaping legal dry herb, a concentrate modification is available for the XS.

AirVape XS Ceramic Dry Herb VapeThe XS is one of the smallest devices on the market, but it still manages to pack a punch. The ceramic heating element provides even heat, providing top-notch flavor and vapor production with every vape.

If you are searching for an herbal vape that you can easily conceal and is effective and affordable, the AirVape XS is right up your alley. There are few devices that can quite stack up to this little vape.

Will Ceramic Reign Supreme?

Though there are quite a few great ceramic herbal vapes available, there are just as many available that veer towards quartz. As long as there are new, innovative devices coming out, there will probably never be a clear verdict on which material is better.

It is ultimately up to the consumer to decide which heating element works best for them. Ceramic and quartz are both excellent choices, no matter what the predominate opinion says. No amount of research can replace personal preference.


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