"Marijuana Moms" Will Drive The Green Rush (God Bless 'Em!)

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Earlier this week the Today Show ran an enlightening story on what it called "marijuana moms," older, middle aged mothers in suburbs across America who just happen to like smoking as a way to relax and get through their days.

"Mommy needs a joint just as much as mommy needs a glass of wine,'' a mom named Kaycee Bawdon (of The Cannavist Mom) told Maria Shriver on TODAY on Tuesday, August 1st. "You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time."

As the video above shows, the moms interviewed said that smoking a joint, lighting up a bong or using a vaporizer made them feel more relaxed and more focused and that it helped with pain relief. These mothers are helping to fight the stereotype that stoners are lazy and and inactive by proving that good, strong parent can also use cannabis. 

We at SmokeSmith Gear salute these moms.  We know they are the backbones of their families, and of America as a whole.  And they are one of our most important customer segments. Any mother who wants to shop at SmokeSmith Gear should reach out to us for a "mom discount."

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