A Hand's On Review of The LEVO Oil Infuser

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The edible sector of the legal cannabis market has been growing at an alarming rate (it's happening in the shadow of the glass pipe and herbal vape industry). Innovative companies are pushing out awesome products that seek to revolutionize the way people look at making infused foods.

Edibles are becoming a popular alternative, especially in states that have already legalized the cannabis industry. Infused snacks are usually pretty price though, so a lot of consumers turn to using devices like the LEVO Oil Infuser to make edibles at home.

LEVO Oil Infuser for Legal Dry HerbA lot of these devices that claim to help you easily make edibles at home are unnecessarily complex and tend to not work very well. The LEVO Oil Infuser is supposed to be one of the easiest to use and best herbal infusers available. Here is a hands-on review of the LEVO Oil Infuser to see just how great it is.

Why Oil Infusion?

One of the big draws in the cannabis industry right now is edible infusion, both on a mass manufacturing level and for personal use. With machines like the Magical Butter Machine, smokers are flocking to concocting infused treats of all kinds.

Creating edibles is a difficult endeavor, especially when it comes to making them for personal consumption. The typical process of using a slow cooker and sifting screens to infuse butter or oil is something that a lot of smokers do not have the extra time to complete. Butter machines and oil infusers do a great job of reducing the amount of time and work needed to create infused foods.

Whether you are just getting into making edibles or you have been doing it for a while and just want to find something to help speed up the process, oil infusion machines will serve you well.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, the LEVO Oil Infuser seems more like a countertop coffee maker than a legal dry herb infuser. The touchscreen menu on the front face of the machine is a huge plus. With a little guidance from the user manual, all of the functions of the LEVO Oil Infuser are simple too, even for newcomers.

LEVO Oil Infuser in ActionOne aspect of the LEVO Oil Infuser that is equal parts irritating and ingenious is the locking mechanism that the device uses. A curious user wants to look inside the infuser as it is running, but the LEVO Oil Infuser automatically stops the infusion process as soon as you unlock and open the top part of the device. It is a clever way to make sure none of the moving parts get damaged, but there is no way to watch the magic happen.

Construction and Design

The LEVO Oil Infuser is constructed much like a coffee maker in both the way it operates and the overall size of the device. The short, hidden cord in the back of the machine allows it to fit right in alongside all your other kitchen appliances.

One of the LEVO Oil Infuser's perks is that it is made with quality in mind. From the kitchen grade stainless steel body to the high-quality plastic and BHA free silicone, this device is made to last.

Simple Infusion

For most smokers out there, making edibles is a more complex process than they want to tackle. The LEVO Oil Infuser makes this learning curve nearly nonexistent. With just a little bit of guidance from the instruction manual, even newcomers can pick up this device and come out with infused oil and butter with ease.

Conclusion on the LEVO

Whether you have been making edibles for a long time or you are just starting out, the LEVO Oil Infuser is one of those devices that is easily accessible for just about everyone. With its coffee maker aesthetic and efficient functionality, this infuser makes a great addition to any smoker's arsenal.

LEVO At-Home Oil Infuser

At just $200, the LEVO Oil Infuser is not too expensive, especially considering how much value you can get out of this machine. Edibles and topical treatments are no longer too complex to tackle. With the LEVO Oil Infuser, the whole process is made simple, even for newcomers.


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