Las Vegas Will Host A New Museum Of Cannabis With A 22 Foot Tall Bong

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Las Vegas, America's playground and one of the most profitable cannabis marketplaces in the world, is set to open a weed-themed attraction this summer called Cannabition.

Billed as an "immersive cannabis museum celebrating the cannabis lifestyle through a series of non-consumption, multi-sensory art installations telling the story of the plant from seed to harvest," it will open in July.

Among the many features of the museum will be a 22 foot tall glass bong that is currently being blown by Jerome Baker out of Austin, Texas.  To build a bong this tall is a feat of both engineering and glassblowing that will be unrivaled (and it will put the Stanley by Long-Bong Stanley, which stands at 4.5 feet, to shame....but for us that's plenty high).

No word on whether the world's largest bong will be functional, but we're guessing there will be shortage of enthusiasts who want to give it a try if they ever do offers pulls.

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