Kevin Smith's Doctor Credits Smoking Cannabis With Saving His Life

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Kevin Smith, the 47-year old comedian, writer, director, and comic book nerd, recently spoke with Steven Cobert on The Late Show about the fact that smoking legal dry herb saved his life.

Back in February, between filming sessions for his standup show, "Silent but Deadly," Smith started to feel a little off. It turns out that the heavy sweats and nausea he was experiencing were symptoms of a heart attack.

Kevin Smith Reveals He Was Saved By Smoking Legal Herb

According to Smith, he didn't know what symptoms to look out for, so he had no idea what was going on. Luckily, the comedian/filmmaker was taken directly to the nearest hospital.

Smith was informed that he was having a massive heart attack when he arrived at the hospital. Being an active pot smoker (a fact that shows in the majority of his films), Smith worried that it was this habit that might have triggered the heart attack.

According to his doctor, the fact that Smith had smoked cannabis EARLIER THAT DAY was what in fact saved his life. Smith's quick smoke session allowed him to remain completely calm during the whole process. And keeping calm was key to evading death, according to Smith's doctor. 

In true Kevin Smith fashion he was constantly cracking jokes and ragging on himself during his conversation with Colbert, poking fun at his weight and other aspects of both his character and his past films (namely Dogma and Clerks). 

Behind the Scenes from Clerks

Having just been informed that he was having a massive heart attack, Smith managed to keep his sharp wit about him, poking fun of the whole situation while laying in the back of an ambulance. 

Smith spared no details on The Late Show about his near death experience, recounting that he refused to remove his clothing when prompted by the doctor's assistant.

According to Smith, the doctor wasn't having any of his "body shame," so he yanked Smith's underwear right off. "I was naked and they could have their way with me," Smith says jokingly. 

Smith's doctor told him that he had 100 percent blockage in a main artery with a high mortality rate. Despite the odds, Smith's doctor was confident that he could save his patient.

"He disappeared into my crotch and saved my life," said Smith about his doctor. "I would marry him, now."

Kevin Smith says that he would not be here today, living his life and continuing to produce films, if it weren’t for two things: his doctor and the fact that he has smoked a shit ton of cannabis, which is what kept him calm during the onset of a deadly heart attack.  

We know one thing:  We're definitely going to be packing up as many bong, vapes and glass pipes as we can, especially since it may save our lives.

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