Israel Is A Global Cannabis Hot Spot. Here Are The Reasons Why.

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Israel is one of the most beautiful and sought after places in the world. While it is barely bigger than the state of New Jersey it manages to find itself at the center of many of the current social, cultural and political happenings, from high tech industry to ancient rivalries over land.  But it is also a mecca for cannabis research and legalization.

In May the country voted to decriminalize cannabis.  The decision was hailed as an example of bi-partisan accord, as politicians from all parts of the spectrum agreed with the decision.  Indeed, Israel is one of the world leaders in the realm of medical marijuana, which is endorsed by the country's ministry of health.  But the recent votes make cannabis legal for recreational use across the country, from Haifa to Eilat.

Israel is also a world leader in the area of cannabis research and medical marijuana development.  There is a veritable start up boom culture in the bigger cities, focusing on everything from exploration into cancer fighting drugs to creating the next best vaporizer. 

Israel was, in fact, the first country to officially launch a medical marijuana program sanctioned by the government, which started in 1996.  So the country has a strong history in this area.  But more importantly the use of marijuana is widely accepted across the country.  This creates an environment where new ideas and inventions can flourish.  Indeed, the United States could learn a lot from Israel.

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