Is Apple Getting Into The Vaporizer Game?

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Still looking for proof that the smoking devices industry is moving in the direction high-tech luxury items?   Well, Apple just filed a patent for a vape.  Yes, THAT Apple.  The one noted for it's clean design, superior technology and minimal branding.  What this may yield in terms of an actual product remains to be seen, as does the reality of an actual device (Apple holds lot of patents on things they never bring to market).

But it sends a very strong signal that bigger, less stoner-players have caught wind of the green rush, and are willing to enter the fray.  And, given the direction in which vapes are now moving, one could easily imagine Apple creating an elegant, high-end device that employed smart technology and could connect with other devices.  The CURRENT Apple/iPhone of the vape world is Pax (their new Pax 3 is one of our favorites).  Maybe the real Apple will join them....

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