Inside Denver's 420 Party Scene

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We have long postulated that the legal cannabis market will end up looking a lot like the fine wine and craft beer industries, where consumers are offered a selection of strains that are desired their location, their processing, their taste and even the year (or "vintage") during which they were grown.  The folks at Denver's Mason Jar Events seem to agree, and their swanky dinner party cannabis tasting events are proof of this point.  They are also helping to change the prevailing stereotype that cannabis users are lazy, long-haired stoners.  According to a long New York Post piece on these events they are quite elaborate. 

Noted chefs prepare farm-to-table meals and that are served on sprawling dining tables with elegant floral arrangements, colorful water pitchers and lots of colorful spoon-shaped glass pipes packed and ready to go. Prim men in black blazers run a “dab station” where they prepare ultra-pure, cannabis oil hits for guests wanting to use a dab rig. People all walks of life attend the seasonal dinner, known for bringing sophistication and luxury to a culture mired with negative stereotypes.

The parties are attracting quite a following, and for attendees all that is required is showing up.  Everything is provided, including dozens of strains of cannabis that are paired with various course, and every manner of water pipe, bong, vaporizer, smoking pipe and accessory one could imagine.  Sounds like our kind of party...

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