How to Find the Perfect Herb Grinder

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Deciding which legal dry herb grinder to purchase can be difficult, due to the sheer amount of them available. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, leading to a lot of confusion for to look for from a good one.

Whether you prefer large glass water pipes, or you would rather roll up your legal dry herb, grinders serve to make the whole process easier and provide more satisfaction out of the smoking experience. 

Grinders can be confusing, with prices ranging from $5 all the way up to $1,500 (like this 24k-gold one) and a slew of options to choose from. If you are looking to pick up an herb grinder, and feeling a little daunted, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

What Is The Grinder Made From?

The materials with which the grinder is constructed is the most important factor when it comes to finding a great grinder. Over the years, manufacturers have created grinders out of just about everything. Wood, plastic, acrylic, and aluminum are the most common materials used across the board.

Cheap Wooden Herb GrinderWooden herb grinders tend to be on the cheaper side, which makes them appealing to newcomers and budget smokers. That being said, they also tend to be fragile over the long term. The only real reason to bother with picking up a wooden grinder is if you like that sort of aesthetic.

Both acrylic and plastic grinders tend to also be on the cheaper side, putting them right at the same level as their wooden counterparts. These materials, though cost-effective, tend to be weak when put to the test. Teeth within the grinders break more often than those in wooden grinders. With the amount of pressure being placed on the grinder when using it, the main body usually suffers from cracking with long-term use.

Plastic Herb Grinder Broken Down

Best Aluminum Herb GrinderThe king of all materials when it comes to herb grinders is aluminum. Some people prefer titanium grinders, but they are far too expensive for only a slight improvement in longevity. Aluminum grinders hold up far better than plastic, acrylic, and wood, and aren't much more expensive. When looking for a grinder that can withstand heavy use, aluminum is the arguably the best choice.

How Is The Grinder Designed?

There are quite a few options out there for grinders and each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Mechanical grinders may be the most common styles of grinders available, but there are electric versions available for something a little more advanced. Electric grinders work well, but most are more expensive than they are worth. For the most part, mechanical grinders are the best choice.

Most companies provide various sizes of grinders, both in number of chambers and how wide the grinder is. For the most part, the size of the grinder is subjective. If you want to be able to collect kief, though, you will have to go with a grinder with more chambers to make use of sifting screens between the individual sections.

As far as teeth type goes, there is not a ton of variation. The pattern and shape of the teeth do not hold much weight when it comes to finding a great grinder. For the most part, all of the various shapes and patterns work the same. The only aspect to really be concerned about is whether the teeth are made out of quality material. Most aluminum and titanium grinders come with stronger teeth than their cheaper counterparts (some of these grinders even come with warranties for broken teeth).


Size falls mostly under design, but there is one factor to keep in mind: the larger the herb grinder, the more legal dry herb can fit within it, but the more cumbersome it becomes. Large grinders are far harder to carry out and about, but work great if all you need is something to keep at home and fit a lot of flower.


The ultimate deciding factor when it comes to which legal dry herb grinder to buy is the price point. Having the most efficient tool to shred herb is all well and good, but most consumers are restricted by the cost.

Smokers want cost-effective products, especially when it comes to glass pipes and grinders. On the low end, grinders range from $5 to about $20. At those prices, the quality of the grinder gets called into question. For a longer lasting and more efficient grinder, the prices are closer to the $30-$90 range. 

A grinder is arguably the most useful item in a smoker's arsenal, so it is safe to view it as an investment. Buying a quality grinder enhances the smoking experience for a long time to come, so it is better to spend more at one time than have to constantly replace a cheaper product.

A Final Word On Herb Grinders

A great grinder is essential, and finding one is difficult with the sheer quantity and amount of variety available. In order to choose the best grinder, there are a few things to keep in mind. The quality of material from which the grinder is constructed, the design of it, the grinder's size, and price are all key to finding the perfect product. Keeping these in mind will help guide you to the grinder that best matches your smoking style and will keep you satisfied for a long time to come.

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