How To Find The Best Temperature For Your Vaporizer

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Vaporizers have come a long way in the past decade and they now represent one of the biggest categories of smoke gear in the industry. Portable vapes are small and easy, which makes them a convenient method of ingesting legal dry herbs and concentrates. Desktop vapes are one of the ways for consumers to ingest medicine that exists. And vapes do not produce smoke, which means they do not have the same level of toxins or carcinogens, providing a healthier alternative. For a deeper dive into vaporizers we have produced this guide.

Vaporizers function by heating up a chamber and creating smooth vapors that can be inhaled. There are vapes for every type of material, including legal dry herb, waxes, oils and liquids/e-juices. But each of these substances have a different ideal temperature at which they vaporize and at which the flavors, tastes and health benefits are maximized. 

The big question most vapers have is this: what is the perfect temperature for my vaporizers?

How To Select The Optimal Temperature For Your Vaporizer

Optimal Vaporizing temperature chart-SmokeSmith Gear

Selecting the optimal temperature for your vaporizer takes a bit of trial and error. One of the main factors in determining the temperature is the type the material you are vaporizing. Dry herbs will vaporize better with a lower temperature while oils and e-liquids require a mid to high temperature gradient. Waxes and other concentrates perform better under higher temperatures.

Another factor to consider is how much vapor you want to produce. Those who wish to produce more discreet clouds and have their vapor be cool and smooth will prefer lower temperatures. Those who prefer to blow huge clouds or who want warm, thick vapor will turn their vapes up to higher temperatures. 

Finally there is the flavor profile. Based on conversations we have had with our customers we believe most who shop at SmokeSmith Gear are looking to enhance the flavors and tastes of their vapor. At lower temperatures you are less likely to burn or char the substance, which leads to a more flavorful vapor. Generally speaking the higher the temperature the stronger the taste will be, but at higher temps one runs the risk of creating a burning flavor.

The Best Temperature For Dry Herb Vaporizers

According to the conventional wisdom (and to vaping experts) the ideal temperature for vaping dry herb materials is 345° to 395°F (185°-200°C). You typically do not want to exceed 410° F. This is the range where terpenes and cannabinoids are most efficiently vaporized AND where flavor is maximized. Factors that impact this include how moist the dry herb is and how evenly you grind it before using (SmokeSmith Gear recommends grinding your dry herb as this creates an even, consistent surface area). You will know the temperatures is correct if, after completing a session, the residual dry herb has a slightly brown color (almost the color of toast). If it is black or charred you are likely vaping at too high a temperature. Dry herb will combust at 450° F, which means smoke is produced. So this is the very top end of the temperature range for most dry herb vapes.

The Best Temperature For Wax & Concentrate Vaporizers

Waxes and concentrates require more heat than dry herbs to reach vaporization. That said, we have found that slow consistent temp is ideal for an even distribution of the wax. A steady 380° to 400° F flow of heat to the dab more efficient than than a temp of 425° F, which tends to cause the wax to evaporate too quickly and which may actually lead to the creation of toxins.  For concentrate and oil vapes that rely on wattage and not provide a temperature setting it's best to start at a low watt and experiment until you dial in the precise wattage that works best for you.

What is your perfect temperature? What materials do you find work best? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook!!

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