How To Choose The Right Vape For Dry Herbs, Concentrates, Oils & E-Liquids

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Vaporizers are becoming more popular, more prevalent and more advanced with each passing year. The market is well established, and vape manufacturers are adding refinements and new technology with a pace that rivals smart phones. But these advancements also create confusion, especially to those who are new to vaping and looking to purchase their first vape.

While there are many factors that need to be assessed before one buys a vape, one of the main questions to answer is what material you will be vaping.  There are vapes for many types of materials, but we still get a lot of questions about this.

So we decided to put together this list of vaporizers by types of material. These are the main types of vaporizers that are on the market today:

Dry Herb Vapes

Dry herb vaporizers are intended to be used with legal dry herbs, aromatherapy blends or tobacco. Dry herb vaporizers contain a small chamber where the flower is loaded, and they heat the plant material to low temperatures, leaving behind toasty brown remains.  Because dry herbs vaporize at a lower temperature than concentrates and waxes dry herb vaporizers typically have a lower heat profile.

Concentrate & Wax Vapes

Concentrate vaporizers are intended for waxes, extracts and thicker oils. Concentrate vaporizers have a special sponge or pad within the chamber onto which the concentrate is loaded, and users often use a dabbing to load these types of vaporizers. As such, concentrate vaporizers provide an experience that is most akin to dabbing.

Oil Vapes

Some vaporizers are built specifically to consume oils that are extracted from plant materials. These oils are more akin to e-liquids than they are waxes or concentrates. One popular form is CBD oil, which many medical patients use for pain relief, epilepsy, anti-inflammation and other health benefits. There are vaporizers specifically for these type of oils, and many of them take the oil in cartridge form.

Dual/Multi-Purpose Vapes

Recently the marketplace has seen the develop of dual use or multi-use vaporizes that allow a user to vaporize dry herb, waxes, oils and liquids. Typically these vaporizers come with a series of attachments that allow them to vaporize different materials.  Some, such as the Firefly 2 and the 7th Floor Sidekick, are dual use (for dry herbs and concentrates).  Others, such as the V2 Pro Series 7, have a 4-in-1 capability, offering the user the ability to vape dry herbs, concentrates, oils and e-liquids.

E-liquid Vapes

One of the most common types of vaporizer are those developed to hold e-liquids. E-liquids is a catchall term used to define a mixture that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and some form flavoring. E-liquids are often used by tobacco smokers as a means of smoking cessation. Vapes for e-liquids often have oversized batteries called “mods” that users add since these vapes are often used all day long. We carry brands such as Innokin and Kanger, both of which have great e-liquid vapes for beginners.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vaporizers are becoming more popular and widespread. Disposable vapor pens are often pre-filled with oils. These vaporizers are meant to have a limited lifespan and cannot be refilled once the concentrate or e-liquid runs out.

For a more product knowledge on desktop, portable and pen vaporizers please check out the SmokeSmith Gear Guide To Vaporizers.

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