Five Myths Associated With Online Headshops

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SmokeSmith Gear was founded to be a different sort of online headshop.  We refer to ourselves "the online headshop reimagined" because we set out to change the perception that consumers have about headshops in general and about buying water pipes, glass pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories online in particular.  We are safe, secure and built for speed.  And our main goal is to provide first rate customer service and a fast, friction-free shopping experience.

But we also find it necessary to debunk a few myths that people may have about shopping for smoke gear from an online resource.  Maybe you are only used to buying from a local store that sells a few brands of water pipes or a local vape shop.  Or maybe you are new to buying smoke gear and just need some reassurances.  Whatever the case, we are here to help you navigate.

Myth Number One:  Buying From An Online Headshop Is Illegal
So long as you are over 18 years of old is perfectly legal to buy a water pipe, a glass pipe or a vaporizer in any of the 50 states.  The same holds true for rolling papers, storage units and accessories for water pipes or vapes. All the smoke gear we sell is intended for use with legal smoking and vaping mixtures, so there is nothing that is against the law about devices that are used in this way.  You can rest assured that any purchase from SmokeSmith Gear is legal, assuming you are at least 18 years of age.

Myth Number Two:  Online Headshops Will Not Protect My Privacy
While we cannot speak for all online headshops we can assure you that your privacy is of the utmost concern to us.  Our platform is fully PCI/DSS compliant and we do not store or even have access to your credit card information or any of your personal data.  If you choose to sign up for our newsletter we will see your email, but that is the only piece of data we will ever hold. In addition we have the highest level of protection offered by our merchant processor and payment gateway services, which add an extra level of defense against identity theft or fraudulent activity.  Shopping at SmokeSmith Gear is know different than buying shoes from Zappos or a lamp from Restoration Hardware.  We hold ourselves to the same standards that the stalwarts of the online retail industry use.

Myth Number Three:  Online Headshops Are More Expensive
While prices do vary from site to site in the world of online smoke gear sellers, for the most part, there is some price parity due to competition.  As compared to brick and mortar stores the prices that we offer at SmokeSmith Gear are cheaper.  This is because we do not have the incredibly high cost of a lease or off a staff needed to populate a physical store.  As a result we are able to pass these savings onto you.  We are able to achieve further cost efficiencies through the partnerships we have established with the leading manufacturers of water pipes, hand pipes and vaporizers.  This also allows us to feature the new product and the most innovative gear months before a physical store can get these items into stock.

Myth Number Four: Online Headshops Sell Cheap Knockoffs
There is no question that many top glass brands such as Illadelph, Grav Labs and Toro are routinely knocked off by foreign factories that have gotten very good at replicating the logos and branding elements of these companies.  The mega shopping site DHgate is loaded with these cheap imitation glass pieces, and they even features images stolen from our friends at DankStop.  But make no mistake:  The glass is inferior and the quality is rock bottom.  As with most things, if the price seems to good to be true, it's probably a fake.  Upon inspection these knockoffs will have poor welds, uneven percolators and, most notably, thing glass.

At SmokeSmith Gear we offer a 100% quality guarantee on every single item we sell.  All of our merchandise is from legitimate and real manufacturers.  And if you ever find this not to be the case we will refund you 100%, immediately. We are an authorized dealer to all of the brands that we sell, and we have worked hard to establish there relationships with the best names in the industry.

Myth Number Five:  My Glass Water Pipe Or Vaporizer Will Arrive Broken
At SmokeSmith Gear we take every step possible to insure that the items you buy arrive to you in one piece.  This starts with a quality control inspection when the merchandise first arrives.  And of course we work with logistics partners that understand the nature of what we are selling and who pack the goods accordingly.  To date we have not had one item break during shipment.  But nobody is perfect, and we have a clear and easy to understand return policy in place to ensure that any item that arrives broken or in less than perfect condition is replaced (or that you are refunded for you purchase).  Again, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  You can purchase from us with the confidence that any broken item will be replaced quickly.

In Summary
Don't believe the hype!  While there are certainly online headshops that should be avoided buying water pipes, glass pipes, vaporizers, rolling paper and various other smoke gear accessories from a reputable online retailer is safe, easy and fun.

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