Five Key Factor To Consider When Buying A New Bong

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If you’re reading this you’re likely in the market for a new bong. Maybe you’re upgrading your current piece or just expanding your bong collection.  Or perhaps you’re buying a bong for the first time.  Whatever the case, you probably have questions as there are a lot of options out there.

There are a lot of elements that going into finding the bong that meets your smoking needs. But as the best online headshop in the nation it’s our job to make this purchasing process easy and painless.  

To that end we present the five key factors you need to consider before buying a new bong:

What To Know When Purchasing A New Bong
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Determine Your Budget
As with almost any consumer purchase your budget will be one of the biggest factors that determines what bongs you can even consider.  There are bongs built for every budget, from this sturdy, clean entry level beaker bong at $50 all the way up to this gorgeous, hand blown work of art, which sells for $1500.

If you have an endless amount of funds your options are limitless. There are bongs that routinely sell for six figures these days. But you can also find many great bongs in the range of $200 to $500.  Bongs in this range are typically crafted with 5mm thick borosilicate glass and have added features like ice pinches and multiple percolators, which make the hit cooler and more filtered.

Looking for the cheapest bong you can find may seem attractive, but beware.  There are a lot of very poorly crafted bongs out there these days.  Be sure you are buying a noted brand that you can trust.  The savings on a cheap bong will quickly be lost when it cracks during your first session.

Determine Where And How You Will Use It
Where do you plan to use your new bong? Will you mainly use it at home or do you need something that can also travel with you?  Can you leave it out or will it need to be hidden away in a closet or a small space? 

Size, portability, durability, and concealment are all factors that should inform what bongs you are looking for. There is no reason to look at a three-foot water pipe if you have young kids and will need to hide it away.  Likewise, if you live alone and have a special room devoted just to bongs, dab rigs, pipes and bubblers, then knock yourself out with the Stanley by Long Bong, which stands at nearly five feet tall.

Decide where your new bong is going to reside and the most common uses case before you start shopping

Figure Out What Shape & Material You Want
Bongs come in all shapes and sizes.  Do you want a straight tube?  A round base?  A bong with a beaker bottom?  Do you want a neck that is straight or bent?  Each shape has its advantages.  In terms of materials, most bongs are made of glass but some are made of ceramic and there are also cheaper, more travel-friendly bongs these days that are made of silicon.

Spend some time at a good headshop looking at various shapes and sizes.  If you can visit one in person then do so and hold a few in your hands.  This will help you be informed as to what options are.

Decide How Much Care & Maintenance You Want To Do
Will your new bong be washed and cleaned after every use or are you looking for something a bit more low maintenance? Do you want simplicity, or are you prepared to clean and maintain a multi-piece instrument of smoking engineering? Your ability about and desire to maintain your piece should be considered. Likewise, you should not purchase a fragile bong if you

Find The Right Headshop
When people make purchases that are important to them, they go to a place with a good reputation. Trust is a key element. Think about the last time you bought a watch or a suit.

The same thought process should occur when you are buying a bong.

Research headshops. Spend time looking at their websites.  If price is your main consideration then you may not care about the look and the feel.  But if you believe in customer service and the feel you can get from a web site, then a site look ours may appeal to you.

There are a lot of headshops out there. We like to say we are the online headshop reimagined because we are trying to offer something that has great customer service, the best selection of items and the best prices.  We think we are the best headshop in the nation, with the best bongs, best vapes and best smoke accessories.  And if there is a question we can answer or a price you feel is too high just email us and we’ll make sure you are satisfied.

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