E-Nails vs Bangers: A SmokeSmith Gear Buyer's Guide

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Whether you have been using concentrates for a long time or are just starting out, you have probably realized that there are many different forms of nails, or heating devices, available. Though many rigs come with a standard glass nail, these are not typically the best to use (they are more of a stepping-stone for nails that really enhance the concentrate experience).

There are two main forms of nails that the majority of smokers agree to be the best: e-nails and bangers. Each of these nails are available in a variety of different options, making it  tough for newcomers to decide what to buy. To make it a little simpler, take a look at the specifics of both banger and enails.

Banger Breakdown

Concentrates have gaining more and more popularity among smokers due to their increased potency compared to traditional legal dry herb. As such, many glass pipe companies have taken to trying to revolutionize the way smokers enjoy concentrates.

Quartz Glass NailEarly on, bangers became the common thread among most big glass companies, providing users a simple way to enjoy their wax or shatter with ease. These little bucket-style glass pieces have since been transformed, with companies moving away from standard glass bangers to making them out of materials that are able to withstand more abuse. Nowadays, most bangers are made out of quartz due to the material's ability to retain heat and hold up for extended periods of time.

In addition to quartz bangers, many manufacturers have started to produce ceramic and titanium nails of various types, some of which are similarly designed to the modern banger. These materials also tend to be able to withstand more abuse, making them great options. However, when it comes to flavor, the best material is quartz. Comparatively, ceramic is the only material that can even come close when it comes to flavor, as titanium nails tend to give off a bit of a metallic taste when dabbing.

One of the most prominent downfalls for bangers is the aesthetic stigma behind them. The use of a torch makes many newcomers second guess and veer away from picking up and using standard nails. Past the poor visual appeal, bangers tend to provide great flavor, capturing the terpenes from the concentrate. Be careful not to take a dab too hot, though; dabbing concentrates on a nail that is too hot will result in the wax or shatter burning instead of vaporizing.

E-Nail Evaluation

Where bangers fail, the e-nail succeeds, namely in vaporizing legal dry herb. Being constantly hooked up to a power source provides the ability to regulate and maintain temperature for however long is needed.

Nucleus E-Nail KitE-nails are one of the newer products on the market, only really gaining traction in recent years due to the push for legalization. Heat retention has always been a hot topic with concentrate users; nobody wants to have to keep reheating the same glass piece over and over. What really makes e-nails shine, though, is their ability to consistently vaporize concentrate. With traditional glass bangers, there is a little more skill involved in getting the most out of each dab. E-nails provide the perfect dabbing surface at just the twist of a dial or push of a button.

Where electric nails shine also serves as part of their downfall; being locked down to an electrical outlet limits the portability of e-nails. Though bangers require the use of a torch, they allow you to be on the go. Wherever you can take a glass pipe, you can enjoy legal concentrates.

Should You Select A Banger Or An E-Nail?

Whether you are brand new to concentrates or you have been around the block a few times, it can be difficult to figure out whether a traditional banger nail or e-nail is the way to go. The decision really boils down to what you are looking to get out of your concentrates. If you don't mind being tethered to an outlet, you want something simple and efficient, and you don't mind spending a pretty penny, then an electronic nail would work great. On the other hand, if you don't want to be locked down, want some awesome flavor, and don't mind the stigma behind whipping out a torch to enjoy your legal concentrate, then a banger suits your needs. The choice between both products is almost entirely subjective, so give them both a try and see which fits your style better.

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