A Canadian Start Up May Have Built The Ultimate Bong

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In the wake of recreational legalization in Canada, four students from the University of Alberta are taking the  bong market by storm with BRNT Designs, a design company that gives major glass and pipe brands a run for their money. 

In a world where small-scale manufacturers have so much competition, this quartet of students is standing its ground to provide the best bong at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

Where it Started

For many smokers out there, they got their start with legal cannabis early in their college careers. Simon Grigenas, a medical marijuana patient, took that a step forward by forming his very own manufacturing company in his early years at the University of Alberta.

BRNT Design Team of StudentsWith the help of three of his close friends, Grigenas started investing money into BRNT Designs, a company that has been dedicated to producing unique quality products that aren’t available in the market right now.

"I just found there was definitely lack of functionality and innovation in the cannabis industry." 

-Simon Grigenas on CBC's Radio Active

According to Grigenas, the four students steadily invested their spare time and money into the company during its initial development, keeping the whole endeavor a well-guarded secret. According to Grigenas, they were nervous about how their parents would react to the students' foray into the legal cannabis industry. When they finally revealed their secret project, though, they were met with only encouragement. "They took it really well," said Andrew Feltham, one of the cofounders of BRNT Designs. "They were pretty proud. They are telling all their friends."

Hexagon Ceramic-Glass Bong

BRNT Designs' first venture into the legal cannabis market coincided with the release of the Hexagon, a ceramic-glass bong that stands out amongst other great bongs from popular manufacturers. The number one goal for BRNT Designs is to craft unique products that offer a different experience from what most smokers are accustomed to, according to Grigenas.

Specifications for the Hexagon BongThe Hexagon ceramic-glass bong ups the ante for other bongs out there, especially when it comes to aesthetics. The Hexagon sports an odd, almost absurdist look with various geometric shapes jutting in and out all over the piece. However, aesthetics are not the only important feature when it comes to a great bong. As a medical marijuana patient, Grigenas had a good deal of experience with various pieces from different manufacturers, and he used these experiences to build a list of characteristics that he wanted to modify to make the best bong possible.

One of the most annoying aspects of owning any type of glass, and especially bongs, is maintenance. Grigenas recognized this fault and counteracted it in the Hexagon by making it dishwasher safe. Now, there is no need to bother with expensive glass cleaner or the run-of-the-mill alcohol and salt combination – just throw the Hexagon in the dishwasher, run a cycle, and your Hexagon will be clean as new.

Another major concern that the BRNT Designs team tackled when crafting the Hexagon is durability. Most smokers out there have experienced just how disheartening it can be when you bust a piece. Grigenas and his team created the Hexagon specifically to be one of the strongest bongs on the market. According to Grigenas, the team even tested the piece by chucking it off of rooftops.

All in all, the Hexagon by BRNT Designs provides the versatility and durability that smokers everywhere search so desperately for. The odd visual appeal makes the piece great for a conversation-starter, but the strength of the material and how simple it is to keep pristine make it one of the most all-around best bongs available in the legal cannabis industry.

Unique Cannabis Accessories

Creating a great ceramic-glass bong is all well and good, but one piece does not Concrete Ashtray and One-Hittermake a company worthwhile. The rest of the lineup has to measure up in order to make that call. Grigenas and the rest of the BRNT Designs team takes this philosophy to heart with the rest of the products that they are pumping out.

Luxury Wooden AshtrayRecently, BRNT Designs put out a few different options for legal cannabis accessories and smaller pipes. Both the Briq ashtray and Faro hand pipe are crafted out of concrete and offer sturdy, hefty options that are not already available in the market. Additionally, BRNT Designs offers a minimalistic wooden rolling tray, called the Yaketa, that stands out as being a handcrafted, artisan accessory, unlike the generic plastic trays that have saturated the industry as of late.

Final Thoughts

With legal cannabis making such a large impact, especially in Canada, there are tons of manufacturers coming out of the woodwork. Not very many make as much of an impact as Simon Gigenas and the BRNT Designs team has, though. The Hexagon ceramic-glass bong has positioned this team of four University of Alberta students at the precipice of an emerging market, set to take it by storm.

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