CNN Jumped Onto The Cannabis Bandwagon With Its New Year's Eve Coverage

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To say that marijuana is becoming more mainstream is an understatement. Legalization is sweeping the country and millions of people now LEGALLY light up joints, bongs, pipes, vapes and dab rigs.

But it was still a bit surprising when CNN did a remote piece that found reporter Randi Kaye embedded with Cannabis Tour bus as it drove through the streets of Denver, Colorado on new year's eve as part of the coverage that was helmed by Anderson Cooper and Bravo's Andy Cohen (who is a well known advocate of the kind green plant).

CNN cut back and forth from the bus as it rolled through town, stopping at various dispensaries and pot-based activities (including a paint class called Puff, Pass & Paint.

The highlight of the evening came when Kaye tried on a gas mask bong and explained to co-hosts Cooper and Cohen how it worked. Shortly thereafter another reveler put on the gas mask and Kaye light the bong for him. And she also hit a nice sized "J" when it was passed to her (which was perfectly legal).

Bravo to CNN for covering this issue head on and with gusto, and to the resident of The Mile High City for showing America how New Year's Eve should be celebrated.  CNN really put the "J" in journalism with this coverage.  Happy 2018 to all!




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