Celebrate National Vaping Day With A 20% Discount On All Vapes We Sell

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Have you heard of National Vaping Day?  If not, it's kind of like the 4/20 of the vaping world.  And it will happen on August 8th.  Why this date?  Because this is  the date that the FDA deeming regulations on e-cigarettes and vaporizers came into effect (in 2016).  The holiday is marked by advocacy efforts and a renewed sense of community for both those in the vaping industry and the hundreds of millions of people who use vapes around the world.

To do our part in National Vaping Day we will offer 20% on all vapes with the code VAPINGDAY.  Just enter that code and checkout and your savings will be added.  We are proud to offer many great vapes for sale, and to be part of this larger community.


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