What Is Canna Tourism (And How Can You Enjoy A Trip)?

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With legal cannabis coming to more states following every election cycle, the only people being left out are those unlucky enough to be stuck in places that have not yet embraced this broad legal change. Thankfully there's a big canna tourism trend that is hitting legal states, catering to those who want to get the experience.

My 420 Tours Legal CannatourismCompanies like My 420 Tours, based out of Denver, CO, have been popping up in legal cities since the dawn of legal cannabis in 2012. These companies focus on providing tourists the ability to enjoy legal cannabis, something that many of them do not get the opportunity to do at home. One issue that many tourists face when they venture to states where recreational cannabis use is legal is that they are overwhelmed with all of the different dispensaries and don’t always access to places to enjoy legal herb. Cannatourist companies take all the guesswork and paranoia out of the equation, offering consumers a safe, legitimate way to enjoy these cities and their newfound cannabis bounties. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, "marijuana-themed tours of Denver and Seattle continue to fill up...with highlights and must-sees for newbies and discerning connoisseurs alike."

Most of these companies offer bus tours though their cities. Riders are allowed to consume legal cannabis in any form they want, whether that be edibles, concentrates, or flower. Riders have to provide their own product, though, as there are not yet any companies that are able to both sell product and provide a place for guests to use it.

My 420 Tours is just one of the many cannatourism companies that have been opened up since the widespread push for legalization. Founded in 2014, the company offers smokers from all over the ability to experience the legal recreational cannabis scene in style. Colorado Cannabis Tours and Mile High Limo Tours are also great examples of companies based in Colorado that seek to provide tourists the ability to safely and easily partake in legal cannabis.

Colorado Cannabis Tours Cannatourism

Cannatourism does not stop at Colorado, though; many cities where recreational cannabis has become legal more recently are developing their own cannatourism businesses to service the growing tourist crowds. In Seattle both Seattle Green Adventures and The Original Cannabus are going strong to serve smokers in the Emerald City.

Cannabus Cannatourism Seattle

Small companies like Cali 420 Bus Tours, based in the San Francisco Bay area, are taking advantage of how new and unsaturated the legal cannabis tour industry is, looking to turn quick profits with summer in full swing. No doubt, there will be no end to cannatourism companies for the foreseeable future.

With the consistent growth of the legal cannabis industry over the past few years, opportunities for innovation have skyrocketed. Canna tourism companies can capitalize on trends that serve as both strong business for them and unique experiences for smokers.

A few things to keep in mind:  Always be sure to check on the laws of the state and the locality you are visiting.  And only frequent vetted dispensaries with clearly labeled product.  Finally, remember that once your vacation is over you CANNOT take it with you (since air travel is risky and you likely live in a non-legal state).

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