Cannabis Couture: A Look At Cannador's Luxury Storage And Travel Offerings

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As the legal cannabis industry grows, so does the technology that helps to enhance user experience. The days of storing herb in pitiful Ziploc bags or a shoebox under your bed are long gone.  You're a grown up now, and it's time to welcome in a new and technologically advanced way to safely store your cannabis while keeping it fresh and flavorful.

Cannador was founded in 2014 with one purpose: to provide cannabis connoisseurs with premium products that maintain freshness and taste over an extended period of time.

Nowadays, you can find many pricey products tailored to smokers that want to experience luxury. Cannador markets their brand in a similar way, following the clean, sleek aesthetic of high end cigar humidors.

Cannador caters to consumers' sense of fashion and desire to be cutting edge. From the Ballistic Nylon Traveling Case to the 6 Strain Humidor (with nook), their products make you feel like you are top-shelf, just like the legal dry herb that you are stashing away.

In order to better acquaint you with what Cannador is all about, let's take a closer look at some of their products to determine the quality levels:

4 Strain Humidor (W/Nook)

Price: $170

Cannador is first and foremost a company devoted to providing humid-controlled environments to store legal cannabis, keeping it as fresh and flavorful as the day that you picked it up from your local dispensary.

Convenient herbal humidor with nookHumidors range in size from small two-strain boxes all the way up to a six-strain variety. This one in particular is in the middle of the pack, with four separate glass containers to store legal cannabis tucked away inside an ornate mahogany case.

The Cannador humidor is constructed out of either cherry or walnut on the outside, providing a sleek and alluring visual appeal, something lacking in a lot of other options available. The einterior is made using mahogany, unlike the cedar used in traditional tobacco humidors. Mahogany is far better at controlling humidity and does not release the same oils and residues as cedar and other woods, according to Cannador.

What really makes the Cannador cannabis humidor stand out as being a premium product is its use of VaporBeads. This packet allows complete control over the relative humidity within the Cannador itself. Another option to try in conjunction with the Cannador is Boveda Packs, a consistent way to maintain moisture level with ease. However, these are meant more for use within the ventilated glass jars than the humidor itself.

Leather Travel Case

Price: $235.00

Not only does Cannador provide high quality humidors to keep your cannabis fresh, but they also have products built for the smoker on the go.

Cannador offers two versions of their travel case – leather and ballistic nylon. If you are looking for something that will help you transport your favorite legal herb, and you are seeking something stylish and sleek, then these travel cases are a perfect fit for you.

Stylish carrying cases for legal dry herb

Just like the humidor though, these travel cases are on the expensive side, making them out of reach for a lot of budget smokers out there. When they say you pay for quality, they aren't kidding.

Each of the travel cases that Cannador offers provides plenty of space to fit your favorite legal cannabis and glass bowls or bubblers. Their modular design allows you to keep everything you're carrying organized. Plus, these carrying cases sport a professional aesthetic, making them ideal for bringing out in public without worry.

SmokeSmith Gear's Verdict

Whether you are looking for something to keep your legal dry herb fresh and flavorful, or a professional looking carrying case to bring out and about, Cannador has you covered.

Cannador's products are pretty pricey, making them less than ideal for the budget smoker. But if you want high quality, this company is one to keep on your radar. There are very few comparable companies on the market right now, making this the obvious choice if you have some money to spend and want only the highest quality products.

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