Bongs, Vapes, Bubblers, Pipes And Other Smoke Shop Accessories Are Now Legal In Vegas

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When Nevada voted to make cannabis legal at both the medical and recreational level in November 2016 many people applauded the move, and sales have thus far been very robust.  Oddly enough, despite the fact that cannabis was legal, the devices used to consume it were still considered contraband.

Consider that for a moment:  It was legal to buy marijuana in Vegas, but selling or possessing a bong, a hand pipe or rolling papers was illegal.

But that is no longer the case. Earlier this week the Las Vegas City Council voted to approve a new ordinance that makes it legal to sell glass pipes, water pipes, bongs dab rigs and other smoke shop accessories.

Now, everything you need to enjoy Nevada’s newest recreational activity--unwinding with legal marijuana--is available in Sin City.

In order to be legal and compliant within the city limits, Las Vegas smoke shops and headshops will need to obtain a business from the city and they must display the bongs, water pipes, dab rigs and bubblers in a part of the store that is only accessible by customers who are at least 21 years of age.

As on online headshop we of course applaud this change in the law but also the safeguards that the city is putting into place.  We have a very strict age policy and we never sell items to customers under the age of 21.  This law makes sense to us.

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