Bongs & Vapes Are Going To Be The Next Big Innovation Industry

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It is not secret that we at SmokeSmith Gear are big fans of innovation and technology.  It's in our roots, and one of our stated goals is to bring more of that ethos to the headshop industry, which is still mired in the 1970s in many ways. Don't get us wrong--we love the counterculture attitude that is present in our chosen business arena.  But we see the future as merger of modern technologies and countercultural attitudes.  So we leaving reading stories like this, about four Canadian students who are designing a better bong.

Now, we all now that the one problem with bongs and all glass water pipes is the fact that glass breaks.  The bongs we sell are all constructed with high quality borosilicate scientific glass.  But even thick ass glass breaks when it hits the floor. 

So these enterprising young lads set out to create a less fragile bong, used 3D technology and ceramics.  One of the bongs strongest selling points, according to the company founders, is that it won't crack if dropped and it can also be put into a dishwasher or a freezer (trust us, an ice cold bong is a beautiful thing!).

Another selling point, according to the four founders of BRNT Designs (it's pronounced "burnt") is the bong's aesthetics.  The final product will be something that a buyer will be proud to display in his or her home. In this way it will fall into a new category of functional art, where bongs, pipes and other smoking devices have a broader sense of design but can still do their required task.

We feel the same way about the line of bongs, pipes and glass pieces made by Marley Natural.  The Marley pieces are made with high quality glass and sustainably sourced wood.  They are minimalistic and offer the perfect merger of form and function.  We believe this is the way the industry will be moving, and we are hoping to be at the leading edge of sourcing, selling and creating products of this nature.



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