How To Buy A Bong: A Beginners Guide To Your First Piece Of Glass

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Finding the perfect glass bong can be daunting no matter if you are looking for your first one or just another to add to your growing collection. And thanks to so many glass companies coming out of the woodwork with the onset of legalization, there are a seemingly endless amount of choices out there. Picking out a bong can be  overwhelming, especially if you are green to the legal cannabis industry. In order to help you navigate this proverbial minefield of glass, SmokeSmith Gear is here with a surefire guide that will take your bong buying experience from a nightmare to a daydream.

Buying a bong can be quite a feat when you don’t know much about the industry, but don't worry. Let me make this easier for you. There are no 100% right answers when it comes to buying glass pieces. The majority of the process is all about figuring out what type of piece fits your style. Once you figure that out and familiarize yourself with maintenance, the rest is mostly up to your personal preference. There are a ton of bong brands out there, and they all offer some amazing pieces, so don’t be afraid to look around and size up the competition.

Don't get it twisted, size matters… a little.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to finding an ideal bong is that size is the most determining factor. That is not true. Does it matter? Yes, but not nearly as much as you might think. The most pressing question to ask yourself in regards to size is what are you going to be using this bong for? Will it be an attention grabber for your coffee table? Will it be your daily carry out and about on the town? Will it be something in between? Once you figure out what you want the piece for, you can figure out the size that fits for you.

Large, extravagant, pricey bongs may be alluring and make you feel awesome when you whip them out in front of friends, but you don't want to be passing around a Long-Bong Stanley and risk wasting all that money in glass shards on the ground. If you are more of a social smoker and you want to bring your piece out and about, go with something on the smaller side. Nucleus Glass has a bunch of awesome smaller scientific glass bongs that could be right up your alley.

Pick the percolator that fits your style.

Percolator bongs can be a bit confusing, even for seasoned veterans in the legal cannabis industry. There are a ton of different percolator options available, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what each one does and which one you should go with for your bong. When it comes to percs, sometimes the simpler option is the better option. There may be no need to go with a more complex matrix percolator if a showerhead option will work for your needs. They both serve similar functions, but a showerhead perc will be a bit easier to clean and maintain. When it comes to percs, don't stress too much. They are far less complicated than they appear.

Don't forget that material matters too.

Despite the awful double pun, it is true that the material your bong is constructed from has a lot of importance when you are trying to find the perfect piece for you. One of the most excruciating experience you can have when trying to enjoy legal cannabis is watching your bong slip from your hands and smash to the ground in a million pieces. You could reach for the super glue and hope you can put together this puzzle, or you can just avoid having that problem altogether. For those that want to avoid a shattered piece, silicone might be your calling.

If you want to stick to the classic glass feel, but you are worried about busting your bong, you should focus on finding a scientific glass piece. This style of glass is usually a lot sturdier than its heady counterpart, allowing it to take some use and abuse. You could also try going with a ceramic bong like The Land Yacht from Summerland, since they are durable and offer a look that is different from a more typical glass bong or dab rig.

Understanding how to maintain your piece is key.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a bong long term. If you just let resin build up in your piece and never clean it out, the satisfaction you get out of your smoking experience will go right out the window (along with any smoke you try to pull through that clogged bong). There are few things more important for bong owners to keep in mind than making sure your pieces are clean and ready for whatever you throw at them.

Resin and tar will build up in your bong through regular use, making it more and more difficult to smoke out of. The easiest way to take care of this issue is to regularly soak your bong in some kind of cleaning solution. You can either use standard isopropyl alcohol and salt or you can go with a solution that is specifically designed to clean glass pipes. Check out the Supreme Clean Kit for an all-in-one option to keep your pieces pristine. Another easy solution for maintaining your bong is just changing the water between uses. Your friends and your lungs will definitely appreciate it. 

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