Big Rips vs. Small Hits: What Is The Most Effective Way To Smoke From A Bong?

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It's an age old question:  What is more effective in terms of feeling the effects of legal dry herbs from a bong:  Massive rips or small hits? 

Then answer may surprise you.  Read on to learn the answer, to explore the science behind it.

No, we all now that taking a massive, chamber clearing hit is like winning a gold medal at the Olympics, and most younger people think bigger is better.  But it turns out that small and steady wins the race on this one.


Taking a big hit on a bong is bad for two reasons. First, the legal dry herb is being burned faster, meaning that it will not last very long. More importantly, your lungs can only process a finite amount of inhaled smoke's effectiveness at any one times, and when you exhale you are sending a lot of out into the world.

While small hits are not as dramatic or cool looking, they are more effective and the are better at conserving the amount of legal dry herb you happen to be using. It's a win, win.

So next time you and your friends are sitting around smoking a straight tube, a beaker bong or a bubbler, make sure you take it slow and steady.

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