Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Cannabis Enthusiasts

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Buying gifts for your loved ones is a taxing task no matter what time of year you are doing it, but Valentines Day always adds a layer of stress that is unmatched by any other holiday. Plus, the over-commercialization of the holiday leads to a bunch of confusion, especially if you are already not the best at buying gifts for people. Luckily, though, if your valentine is a stoner, SmokeSmith Gear has got you covered.

There are plenty of cannabis themed gifts to pick up this holiday season, and most of them don't end up being anywhere near as expensive as presents being pushed by all the major jewelry brands. Check out these awesome cannabis gifts that are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face.

For the Glass Lover...

Glass pieces are always a good choice for most every legal cannabis lover out there, but there is never a better time to pick up that dream pipe than on Valentines Day. You will earn some major brownie points if you show up with that perfect glass bowl, water pipe, or bubbler. Here are a couple choices to get you looking in the right direction.

Chameleon Glass Firefly Sherlock: $45.00

Firefly Sherlock by Chameleon GlassThis hand pipe is sure to light up your lover's night, pun completely intended. Chameleon Glass is known for pumping out stellar glass pieces at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers without sacrificing quality. This double-blown hand pipe is perfect for any smoker out there that is searching for something simple yet flashy.

GRAV Labs Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler: $280.00

Hemisphere Bubbler by GRAV LabsIf your loved one has a little more expensive taste, GRAV Labs has something that will be right up their alley. The Arcline series by GRAV Labs is one of the premiere glass lines available right noArcline Beaker Bong by GRAV Labsw, with high quality and insane smoothness. This hemisphere bubbler is a prime example of everything great about GRAV Labs premiere glass. If bubblers aren't really your thing, the Arcline series has a few different glass options available. Maybe the Arcline Beaker Bong is more your or your loved one's style.

For the Concentrate Connoisseur...

Concentrates have grown immensely in popularity in the last few years, thanks to how much stronger they are and the ability to bring them out in public without much worry. Out are the days where concentrate lovers were tied to using expensive, fragile glass dab rigs and torches. Manufacturers are putting out devices every day that are transforming the dabbing landscape. Here are a few gift choices that would make any concentrate connoisseur swoon.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH: $400.00

SWITCH Desktop Vaporizer by Dr. DabberFor a true luxury dabbing experience, you can't go wrong with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. This rig has taken the legal cannabis industry be storm since it popped up late 2018. There are few other devices that allow you to experience such an amazing dabbing experience without much hassle. It may be on the large side, but the SWITCH is worth it. You are sure to win your Valentine over again with this premium desktop vape.

PuffCo Peak Smart Rig: $380.00

Another stellar luxury dabbing experience comes in the form of the PuffCo PeakPeak Smart Rig by PuffCo Smart Rig, a device that is designed to simplify the dabbing experience and allow you to take your favorite legal cannabis concentrates on the go with ease. The Peak is not like any other device on the market, and it even allows you to cold-start your dab, saving all those precious terpenes and flavor in the process. This rig is sure to capture the heart of anyone you gift it to.

For the Vape Enthusiast...

Not everyone is into using concentrates. Some people just want to take it old school… with a new school twist. Dry herb vaporizers are taking over right now, thanks to mostly to advancement in battery technology in the past few years. Vapes keep getting smaller while still providing an intense, flavorful experience. Check out this awesome herbal vape to ensure you have a great Valentine's Day. 

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer: $150.00

MIQRO Herbal Vape by DaVinciThere are few other vaporizer manufacturers that garner as much admiration from the community as DaVinci. This Las Vegas based company keeps true to the lavish mentality of its hometown by continuously producing luxury devices that allow for a discrete and satisfying experience. The MIQRO is a portable dry herb vaporizer that brings the premium vaping experience that DaVinci is known in a smaller size than ever. It is 31% the size of DaVinci's original powerhouse device, the IQ Herbal Vaporizer. If your loved one is looking for an herbal vape, the MIQRO is the way to go.

For the Edible Lover...

Consuming edible cannabis has become quite popular recently, with most every dispensary carrying an overwhelming selection of infused sweet treats and drinks. For the loved one that would rather eat their weed than smoke it, check out this killer product that is sure to win their heart.

Levo Oil Infuser: $200.00

Herbal Oil Infuser by LevoThe Levo herbal infuser is a perfect addition to any cannabis lover's kitchen. This ingenious appliance turns the laborious chore of making legal cannabis edibles into something as simple as loading up the herb pod and pressing a few buttons on Levo's simple LED interface. If your significant other likes edibles, there is no better choice than the Levo Oil Infuser.


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