An Introducton To Dab Rigs (And Why You Need To Buy One)

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You've probably heard the term "dabbing" but do you know what it means?  And do you understand what a dab rig is?

If you do not then you're definitely not alone.

Dabbing refers to a method of consuming cannabis that is in the form of an extract, wax or concentrate.  A dab is the small dose of wax that is placed on a hot surface, usually called a "nail," that is attached to a dab rig.

A dab rig is specialized type of water pipe that is used for this purpose.  Like a bong the smoke that is produced by a dab rig is filtered through water, which removes many of the toxins and also makes the hit cool and smooth.  Dab rigs are typically smaller than water pipes and they also have male joints (as opposed to female joints found on most bongs).  Bongs typically receive bowls that have a male downstem, whereas dab rigs come with a nail or dome that slips over the female joint.

The most important application of dabs and dab rigs is for patients who required medical marijuana for pain relief.  The concentrates that are dabbed provide powerful dose of medicine to those who truly need it. Patients dealing with chronic or extreme nausea report that dabbing is one of best and speediest forms of relief (and the amount of dry herb that would need to be consumed to get the same effect is unfeasible for some patients who need potent medicine quickly).

There are many accessories that can be used to create an even better smoking experience with your dab rig. Titanium nails, quartz nails and even ceramic nails can be used in a mix and match fashion once you have purchased a dab rig. Other such items include concentrate jars (to hold the wax when not using its) and dish and dabber sets, which come with precise tools that are used to place the dabs onto a nail.

Carb caps, which have only been around since 2013, are small carburetors for you dab rig, and they allow you to dab lower temperatures. By capping the nail, you restrict the airflow into the rig through just the small contact area between the carb cap and the edge of the nail. While inhaling strongly, the reduced airflow places the entire rig under low pressure, including the oil that pooled on the nail without vaporizing. If you are not using a carb cap you will need a butane torch, since dabbing requires more heat than a conventional lighter can produce.




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