An Introduction To Glass Bubblers (And Why You Need One)

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We get a lot of questions about bubblers. Many of our customers want them but don't know quite what they or how they work. In fact, for those who enjoy legal dry herbs and concentrates a bubbler may be just what your water pipe collection needs because bubblers are very small and convenient.

Want to learn more about bubblers?  Then read on...

What Is A Bubbler?
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Glass bubbers are an interesting hybrid smoking tool that borrow the best elements of both hand pipes and bong.  Bubblers, like bongs, utilize water and percolators to deliver cool, clean and filtered smoke. The combination of water and percolation creates a smoking experience that is safe, healthy and enjoyable.

But their size is more akin to that of a hand pipe, which makes them portable, easy to use and discreet. Bubblers are preferred for many situations because their size makes them more convenient and easier to transport. Bubblers and hand pipes also share the common feature of containing built-in bowls and carbs. Built-in bowls provide a place to pack the dry herb while carbs allow you to  control the airflow of the pipe without having to remove a bowl.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Bubbler

Do you want to use your bubbler at home or would you rather have one that is better for use on the go? There are two basic styles of bubblers, and your answer this question will determine what kind you may prefer.

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Classic bubblers are upright mini bongs. They stand on a base and have a bowl that sits directly above the water chamber. They have a classic water pipe look and deliver a nice, smooth smoke. Classic bubblers are great for at home use during sessions where you don't necessarily want the firepower of a full sized bong.  There are a variety of shapes of classic bubblers, including sidecar bubblers and hammer bubblers.

Chameleon Monsoon Spoon Bubbler

Spoon bubblers, or "spubblers," are spoon pipes that have a water chamber that is filled when the bubbler is in use. They are slightly larger than the average spoon pipe (which are usually 4 inches long) because they come with a horizontal water chamber built into the stem. Spoon bubblers are small and portable and perfect for on the go smoking.

Concentrate bubblers are, as the name implies, for use with waxes and extracts.  And any bubbler can be turned into a concentrate bubbler with the addition of a vapor dome or domeless nail.

Check out our large assortment of quality glass bubblers to find the perfect piece for you!

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