A New Documentary Explores The Current State of Cannabis

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We love movies.  And we are in the business of bongs, vapes and pipes.  So when these two things are combined we get really excited.

Such is the case with The Legend of 420, a new comedic documentary that traces the progression of the cannabis industry. Featuring interview with the likes of Tommy Chong, Melissa Ethridge, Henry Rollins, Jason Mraz and many others, the films explores the evolution of marijuana within mainstream American society.  As the trailer below indicates, most of these featured in the film support the legalization of marijuana. Then, of course, there is Jeff Sessions, who appears in the film but only via archival footage.

The movie provides a detailed look at an issue is shaping every aspect of our society, from drug laws to medical alternatives, and we found it to be both educational and entertaining.  And there are a ton of cameo appearances by all manner of rolled joint, vaporizer and kick ass scientific bong.

The Legend of 420 will be available on iTunes on October 3 and arrives in theaters on October 6th.

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