5 Smoke Gear Items To Take To The Beach, The Lake Or The Pool

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We're a few days from the Fourth of July holiday, and summer will soon be in full swing. That means lots of time at the lake, by the beach, near a roaring river and splashing in the pool. To make sure you have the best time possible during your aquatic adventures we put together this list of the five essential smoke items to pack with you for all kinds of summer fun. These are items that are engineered for enjoyment but which will work when they get wet (or are designed to keep things dry).  So let's go to it!:

The E-LVT Vape
This new vape water resistant, dustproof, impact & shock resistant and built for fun, allowing you to use it just about anywhere! No more worries of destroying your brand new vape while using it by the pool or on the trail. With the E-LVT you can confidently take it anywhere and know its up to the task. Constructed of Zinc Alloy and premium Silicone materials, the E-lvt is virtually indestructible! Perfect for anyone engaged in active sports, outdoors activities and water sports (along with anybody prone to simply breaking things)! It even features a flashlight, in case you get lost on the trail during a vape session. Retail price: $70

The Alpha Puff Kit
The Alpha Puff Kit by Alpha Cat is an is the all in one product that is basically a Swiss Army Knife of smoking gear. The kit comes complete with a grinder, a portable water pipe and a cleaning tool, storage compartments for your filters, papers and aromatic material, keeping your materials dry as you travel, whether across land, water or air.  The kit fits together into one easy to carry compartment, and it's made of a waterproof silicone material.  It even includes a lighter, just in case you want to actually smoke (or light a signal fire from a desert island). Retail price: $60

Cannador Heavy Duty Airtight Canister
Keep your legal dry herb dry, secure and fresh with this heavy duty airtight aluminum canister from Cannador.  Made of aerospace quality aluminum it features It features extra tight threading and is waterproof up to 20 feet, so your stash will be safe even if you drop it into the lake while sailing across it. It's small enough to tuck away into your backpack but still holds up to 3/8 an ounce of dry herb. And if you're looking for discretion this sharp looking storage device is smell proof, so your secret will be safe.  Retail price: $40

Crystal Voyager Pipe
A small, discreet pipe that is made of ceramic and looks like a crystal that gives off good chakras...What could be better to break out by the camp fire when the lights are low and they day's hiking, biking or BBQing are done? This stellar piece by California's own Summerland is a perfect summer time companion. Retail price: $95

The Safety Case
The Safety Case by Black Rock Originals is a smell-proof carrying case that comes with papers, a grinder card, stash jars and a small pipe.  But it also has room to store all your other gear in one handy place.  Inspired by adventure travel, pocket-sized Safety Case has been engineered as the ultimate stash box for your smoking and vaping essentials. Made with a weatherized exterior, it will protect your gear from the elements and keep you looking stylish. Retail price: $90

Now that you're geared up and ready to go just make sure you have fun, stay safe and keep elevated.  And let us be the first to wish you a happy time in all your water-based adventures. Stay wet and wild, friends. 

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