3 Great Vapes To Help You Be A Hero This Tailgate Season

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It's hard to believe, but football season is just around the corner.  The NCAA season kicks off in ten days when Colorado State takes on Oregon State, and the regular NFL season starts on September 7th with the Super Bowl champ Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs.

So what does this mean for you? Well aside from lots of watching, cheering and trying to score tickets, it means that tailgate season will soon be in full swing.

Now, the ingredients to the perfect tailgate are varied, but they typically involve lots of food and lots of ways to take the edge off (all that worrying about your team!).  To help you be a tailgate hero we at SmokeSmith Gear have selected three vapes that are perfect for tailgate parties and stadium seating.

Hypnos Zer0 by Linx
The Linx Hypnos Zer0 vaporizer is an ultra-compact concentrate vape pen with four temperature settings and plenty of power.  It's so good that it was recently selected by High Times as an award winner for its superior flavor and vapor production.  It's small enough to fit under a team jersey and powerful enough to get you to a first down with each draw.

Pinnacle Pro DLX by Vaporblunt
The DLX is the top of the line in the Pinnacle series, and it truly delivers.  It's stylish and portable, and makes for the perfect companion when the air gets a little crisp and there are tailgates to attend.  This fan favorite offers 5 different heat settings (370°F, 395°F, 420°F and heats up within 70 seconds, making it perfect for those long TV timeouts.

Puffco+ by Puffco
Noted for its artful design and lack of coils the Puffco+ is the first ever pocket nail, making it the perfect stylish companion for all your game day activities.  It's about the size of a writing pen so it will fit discreetly into your pocket.  And the pen has a very large bowl, making it easy to share, so you'll be the most popular guy or gal in the stands!

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