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We are an award winning smoke shop with the best water pipes, bongs, glass pipes, vapes and accessories.

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We offer a large, curated selection of scientific glass, heady glass, bubblers, dab rigs and hand pipes. We also have vaporizers for every lifestyle and smoke accessories, including grinders, papers and storage gear.

Free Shipping. Hassle Free Returns. Affordable Prices
At SmokeSmith Gear we offer a wide variety of the best pipes, bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizer and smoke shop accessories. If you’re not sure to start, take a look at our new arrivals. Or peruse our product review videos and gear guides to learn more about bongs, vapes, accessories and storage. As the nation’s best online headshop we take pride in offering a diverse selection, premium smoke gear and helpful expert advice that makes the buying experience easy. With free shipping, easy returns and affordable prices we are geared for greatness.

A Curated Selection Of Bongs, Pipes, Vapes & Smoke Accessories

In addition to water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, glass hand pipes, vapes and accessories, SmokeSmith Gear is proud to offer unique luxury items and premium pieces. From heady, hand-blown bongs and hand pipes from top glass artists to the latest in vaporizer technology, our team of experts brings you high grade smoke gear that will set your collection apart, crafted for connoisseurs. Shop SmokeSmith Gear for premium product, reasonable prices and expert selection.

An Upscale Smoke Shop With World Class Customer Support
Your safety, security and satisfaction are our top priority. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer support and the most secure payment technology along with discreet billing and packaging. Buy from SmokeSmith Gear and see why we are the best online smoke shop. Shopping from outside the United States? We can take care of your order and offer reasonable international shipping rates. Just ask us how!

Expert Gear Guides

All The Product Knowledge You Need
Not sure where to start? Review our gear guides, designed to help you learn more about bongs, vaporizers and accessories (such as grinders, glass bowls, nails and dabbing tools). The guides are written by our product gurus and are full of useful information to help make the right selection for your needs. Our mission is to be the best online headshop, and that begins by giving our customers the right information.

Find the perfect bong

How To Find The Perfect Bong

If you're looking to learn more about bongs, water pipes, dab rigs and bubblers then start with this informative gear guide. It covers everything from glass thickness to percolators types to the different bong styles.

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Vapes For Every Lifestyle

Vapes For Every Lifestyle

We have vapes for all lifestyles, from pen vapes to desktop models for home use. Learn how vapes work and find the best styles for your medical and recreational needs with this in-depth product guide.

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Smoke Accessories from the best online smoke shop

Accessories To Make Life Better

From grinders to rolling papers to replacement glass bowls, accessories make your smoking life easier.  This gear guide introduces you to the wide range of smoking tools, offering insights and explanations.

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